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produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding
produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding


Innovation for a better life

Raoul Parienti Holding Limited Company (RPH) designs innovative products dedicated to improving the everyday life and quality of life for everyone

RPH Company works in areas as varied as new technologies

Raoul Parienti : the inventor

University Professor in Innovation & creativity
Graduate from CNAM
Master’s Degree in Mathematics

Creator of innovative concepts aiming at best answering the needs of a better living of the public. Raoul PARIENTI knows how to anticipate the market request and to merge the available technologies and capabilities with the industry requirements. He proposes innovative products fitted for the sales of the near future.

Raoul Parienti owns 147 international patents in the following fields: transportation, security, health, telecommunications, music, etc. Raoul always develops his ideas and concepts bearing in mind people daily needs and makes sure that his inventions can be manufactured.

Success Stories

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding


REVA : AUTOLIB pioneer. REVA was the first electrical and individual public transport system of centralised management and personal chip card. It was presented at the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992 with the NATO in attendance.

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding

Pass Navigo

Creator of Navigo Pass in Paris : First contactless system for tolls in the Paris subway (RATP).

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding


APLIO : First telecommunication System VoIP. Invention of APLIO for the Kortex Company, that has raised $ 100 million, listed on Nasdaq.
In 2012, Net2Phone bought Kortex-APLIO and became the worldwide leader for the VoIP service provision.

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding

Piano Rollup

Since the patent lodging, manufacturers sold more than 40 million devices in the world in 8 years, which means sales revenue > 1,5 Milliards €.

Starlight Partnership

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding

Starlight owns 30% of STARPRESS.
Starlight has been a startegic partner for the product’s sale.

HIT Subsidiary

produits-rph Raoul Parienti Holding

HIT aims to support the creation, development and marketing of Smartphone applications dedicated to improve quality of life and to increase the autonomy of people in need.
HIT developed 2 applications : PureSound and SmartEyes