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montage-home-fortun3 Graalphone
montage-home-fortun3 Graalphone

The exclusive office tool 4 in1 in your pocket

The perfect synthesis between efficiency and fun.
An exclusive media tool 4 in 1 :

  • Ordinateur : A genuine Keyboard / A Windows based PC

  • Tablette : A large 7-inch screen / An Android OS Tablet

  • Smartphone : Octocore processor / 5-inch screen, Fully HD

  • Appareil photo 3D : Optical Zoom 5x / Xenon Flash

montage-home-fortun3 Graalphone

Grand Prize of the Jury Chairman / Medal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Development

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2017 : Booming request for purchase around the world


Great success at CES 2017 and at Mobile World Congress 2017

Almost 400 published articles in the worldwide press (websites, magazines, TV etc)

Many interviews with the worldwide press and broadcasts on TV

More 1 million website visits + Youtube videos in 24 hours

High request from India, Europe and USA.

It sould be noted that 32% of the people contact us to purchase directly, without knowing the price.