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freeway Freeway
freeway Freeway


Electric foldable scooter

  • Electric three-wheel scooter: 2 front wheels for stability and safety

  • It can be unfolded and folded in a few seconds: very little risk of theft

  • Easily towed like a trolley case

  • Speed : 25km/h

  • Battery life: 30km or 60km, depending on battery

  • Affordable price

  • European product

  • Customisable : choice of colors and fun options

  • Worldwide patent

Freeway will enter the market in 2018 : its new design is being developed

freeway Freeway  Major Prize at the French contest “Concours Lépine” 2013

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A booming Market

Freeway is unique and is positioned as a new offer on the market.
2019 : Set up of a European network of 300 selling points

French Market

134 000 e-bikes sold in 2015.

European Market

1,307 Millions e bikes sold in 2015.

freeway Freeway