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hit-image HIT Subsidiary
hit-image HIT Subsidiary

HIT Subsidiary

Technology at the service of people

HIT aims to support the creation, development and marketing of Smartphone applications dedicated to improve quality of life and to increase the autonomy of people in need.

HIT developed 2 applications : PureSound and SmartEyes

HIT apps

hit-image HIT Subsidiary

PureSound is an application for IOS that corrects immediately your hearing impairment and enables you to recover a clear hearing.

PureSound assess your hearing threshold of each ear, for each frequency and provides an audiogram.
PureSound offers a personnalised correction in everyday life.

Very low cost : € 21,99

hit-image HIT Subsidiary Major Prize at the French innovation contest “Concours Lépine” 2015

hit-image HIT Subsidiary

SmartEyes is a Mobile App for IOS and Android, that enables reading immediately all texts

  • SmartEyes enables the reading transcription of all texts (book, mail, newspaper, restaurant menu, digital text…).

  • Internet connection is not necessary.

  • It is suitable for all visual impairments : visually impaired, blind or people that have forgotten their glasses.

  • Simplicity of use : the photo is taken with a voice assistance for a perfect framing.

  • Benefit to the majority: Very low price: €16,99

  • Available in 3 languages